Today, reaching target audiences with memorable advertising campaigns requires great creative — and a whole lot more. Carpenter Group offers full-service advertising strategy, creative development, implementation and media services. By working with us, you’ll have a partner who brings conceptual excellence, analytical reasoning and specialized media partnerships together to create standout advertising that surpasses industry response rates.

Carpenter Group can build your advertising strategy in its entirety or support specific needs.

Integrated marketing and advertising strategy

We want to make your investment in advertising and marketing as worthwhile as possible. That’s why we start with a discovery phase that seeks to align business goals, marketing objectives and the input of key stakeholders with advertising strategy. We consider:

  • Your advertising goals. After all, you could be raising awareness of your brand, differentiating your offer in a crowded market, or seeking to increase sales in intricate products.
  • Audience insights. We gather your firm’s insights about client motivations, affinity (or lack of) with your offers and loyalty to your brand. We explore the range of experience and sophistication levels among your prospects and clients, and whether regional or cultural nuances must be considered.
  • Firm marketing assets. We consider your other programs — thought leadership, websites, personalized direct and email, blog content, videos, social posts and many other touchpoints — and how your advertising should integrate.
  • Competitive landscape. We may conduct a competitive and/or SWOT analysis of your firm to understand its position in your market.
  • Industry trends. We look closely at audience profiles and consider the things they watch, read and listen to, and where they spend their time in the “real world” and online. We can also conduct surveys to gather intelligence.
  • Current thinking. We take into account best practices and trends in media and stay in tune with today’s culture.

Carpenter Group prides itself on being thinkers and creators. We take what we learn from you and develop an advertising strategy that provides a framework, rationale and springboard for creative.

Campaign planning

How you define advertising and marketing success is critical to your campaign strategy. Carpenter Group partners with clients to establish success metrics early on and gain consensus on a media strategy. This feedback is critical to creative development and to the tactical plan that defines the scope of the campaign, types of and number of creative executions, budget distribution, timing and deployment frequency across every channel, including mobile, desktop, print or in-person events.

As part of this, we work with you to identify the call to action for each ad — determining what will be delivered to a prospect who engages and what the customer experience will be. Often, this involves a coordinated effort between marketing, the business and the frontline team.

Creative development and implementation

As a creative agency, our design and editorial teams have the experience and expertise to provide ad campaign concepts that deliver on your strategy and stand out from your competitors. Throughout our collaborative process, we work with you to shape and refine selected concepts, and then implement them through the advertising formats in your plan.

All advertising units work differently, whether you’ve selected print, digital, out-of-home, broadcast or other units, or a blend to build a fully integrated campaign. Alongside the creative team, diligent campaign managers ensure that each creative asset is delivered on schedule in the format or file weight to meet the mechanical requirements of print or online publishers.

Media planning and buying

There are many opportunities to gain exposure through channels that include print, digital and online, social media, television and radio, events and out-of-home. Choosing the channels and tactics that will deliver the best value is where you can leverage the expertise of Carpenter Group and its partners.

Carpenter Group works with the world’s leading media planning and buying companies, in addition to offering discrete media services in-house. Our network gives us negotiating strength with global publishing networks as well as niche vertical markets. Working with these publishers, we can design high-impact solutions, integrate campaigns across platforms and tap into their subscription base to customize targeting.

We take the campaign strategy as a whole into consideration, considering earned media exposure (such as through public relations and personal appearances) to better counsel you on the allocation of your media budget.

Performance measurement and optimization

We inform and communicate with our clients throughout the ad campaign. Whether this requires executive briefings or comprehensive reports, we ensure that your team will be prepared to make data-driven decisions on a regular basis.

Our team will leverage our specialized network of experts to monitor metrics and performance of each ad placement, track impressions and cost per click (CPC), and identify make-goods as the campaign matures. As needed, we’ll make recommendations to optimize the campaign either by revising creative, turning on new placements, reallocating budget or increasing exposure through retargeting.


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