As experienced specialists in the financial, professional services and technology industries, our writers and designers understand the nuances of your audiences and the intricacies of your business. We know what type of content will be most effective — whether you’ll be best served educating audiences through thought leadership content, engaging them through social media, or entertaining them through videos, events — or a combination of all of these.

Our strategically focused editorial and creative teams work together to develop content that blends ideas, words and visuals clearly and compellingly, in a way that’s in line with your brand and audience.

With a full suite of editorial, design and strategic services, Carpenter Group can help you:

Define messages and develop a content strategy

Creating content starts with knowing your audience, whether it’s prospects, current clients, employees and other internal constituents, your industry or professional community, or the general public. Each audience requires a different tone, has a different level of awareness of your company, expects a different quantity and depth of information, and varies in how they want to interact.

Once you determine who you want to reach, Carpenter Group can work with you to define your core message, your objectives and the results you want to generate. We can then create a content strategy that provides the direction to achieve your goals. Whether your content initiative is an enterprise-wide campaign or is much narrower in scope, a content strategy will:

  • Determine the purpose and objective of the initiative
  • Consider audience characteristics and expectations
  • Identify the types of communications and channels that make strategic sense
  • Establish the tone
  • Define core content elements (an infographic, video, white paper, event, etc.)
  • Provide a timeline for ongoing tactics and touch points
  • Determine ways to measure success

Once a strategy is in place, we focus on implementing it efficiently, and we continually monitor performance along the way.

Conduct a content audit

If you’re like many companies, you’ve developed volumes of content over the years. You simply may not know what you have, its merit or whether it should be eliminated or repurposed in a new context. You may also feel you have content gaps — missing pieces that could strengthen audience engagement or support sales teams.

A content audit can be a valuable exercise in such circumstances. While we may review hundreds of pieces, we typically identify a cross section of examples to dissect at a granular level. An audit will typically assess:

  • Tone, style, structure and format
  • Content quality and adherence to best practices
  • Alignment with current needs and value proposition
  • Metrics on engagement and user feedback
  • Recommendations: Leave as is, improve, retire or repurpose

A content audit provides marketers with intelligence to make decisions, use marketing resources more efficiently and identify editorial gaps. At Carpenter Group, we’ve conducted extensive audits and can scale them to your needs.

Create content through expert copywriting and design

The editorial team is at the heart of Carpenter Group, and can provide not only editorial strategy and oversight, but also specialized copywriting across subjects and communication vehicles. Our writers have deep knowledge of complex industry products and services, or specialize in certain types of communication — advertising, social media, white papers, speeches, video scripts, presentations or journalism. With talent that is well versed in your business, our writers and editorial specialists seldom have a learning curve with your subject matter, and they believe in being clear and concise.

How content is expressed is often as critical as the ideas that are communicated. Good design reinforces brand tone and personality while illuminating content in visually compelling and engaging ways that will be read, considered and remembered.

Our creative team provides a full range of creative services to bring your content to life, whether it’s presented online, in print, on video or experientially. Our expert team develops compelling visual expressions of your ideas from conceptual development through implementation across tactics.

Build sales support strategies and collateral

Over the years, we’ve found that even the firms with the most sophisticated marketing don’t have equivalent sales support strategies. There’s often a disconnect between the marketing and sales functions, resulting in wasted time and money creating one-off sales presentations, proposals, leave-behinds and follow-up materials. A smart and cost-effective solution is to develop a comprehensive sales collateral system that is cohesive, eliminates redundancy and improves implementation.

Carpenter Group can facilitate the dialogue between your sales and marketing teams. We can work with you to review all of your current sales and marketing collateral, map it to your sales process, and identify best practices and gaps in your system.

We can then help you build a system that not only fills the gaps, but has the flexibility to deliver sales messages at any time using any technology, from projected presentations to smartphone apps. We can also develop and coordinate training so your team can use the new system to sell effectively.

Lead content marketing programs

A blend of art and science, content marketing is a way to build brand awareness over time and extend your reach with audiences by regularly providing useful information instead of traditional marketing messages. Well-designed content marketing programs involve delivering content to your audiences through key touchpoints on a regular basis, and measure and adjust over time as you monitor engagement and performance metrics.

Carpenter Group can bring together its editorial, strategic and digital capabilities to address your content marketing objectives.

Launch products

One of the most important opportunities for a company to develop new content and a sales strategy is when it’s about to launch a product or service. You get one chance to make a first impression. In a market that may be crowded with hundreds of similar products or services, you need to create a big enough impact quickly to make it into the top consideration set of your potential clients, partners or consumers.

That’s why you want to work with an experienced agency like Carpenter Group, which understands the nuances of technical and financial product marketing. We can work with you to figure out what makes your product unique and how it should be positioned within the competitive marketplace so it stands out, can succeed quickly and maintains its position over the long term.


Content is king. Make it reign supreme.

We craft content that engages audiences, and our work shows it. 

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