We have the technical and creative expertise to develop a digital strategy and assets that will make a difference to your business. Over the years, we’ve created a spectrum of websites, digital advertising campaigns, blogs, content marketing and social media programs that have achieved measurable results for our clients.

In the complex and constantly evolving world of digital marketing, Carpenter Group can help you:

Develop a digital marketing strategy

An insightful strategic plan can help you get the most from your digital marketing and ensure that all components work together over time and across digital channels. We start by consulting with you to understand your brand, goals and objectives. Then we’ll review your websites, blogs, social media channels and other digital assets to determine what you have, whether or not it’s working and what you’re missing.

As we create and implement your strategy, we continually monitor results and set metrics to define success. As priorities and performance shift, we adjust and alter your strategy and digital tactics to optimize results.

Build an engaging user experience (UX) and information architecture

A user experience provides audiences with a journey through your site, providing meaningful content and points of engagement at each junction. Mapping these journey is critical: It ensures that you will provide the right experience for all your audiences — clients, prospects, recruits — and can integrate your website with existing digital marketing campaigns (social media, digital advertising) making it more likely that your audiences will take action.

Together, we’ll create an information architecture for your site that will provide the ideal user path for your clients and customers, and then assign specific goals to each step. This will make it easier to build an engagement strategy, track performance and the success of every aspect of your online campaigns, and make changes to optimize them if they’re not performing as expected.

Design a user interface (UI) and create web content

Your website is a critical driver of your brand, as well as an essential way you communicate and interact with various audiences — prospects, clients, intermediaries, the media and others. Does your site reflect your brand and its messages? Is it easy to navigate, and does it provide the right information? Is it optimized for search? Is it responsive? Digital best practices evolve quickly — and it’s important to keep pace with the competition.

Over the years, Carpenter Group has created websites and digital assets for a wide range of firms, each with unique objectives and experiences. We provide:

  • Content strategy
  • Interface design
  • Web copywriting
  • Front-end site development through launch

Working with an experienced digital expert like Carpenter Group ensures that your site works for you and achieves the measurable metrics and results you need.

Create and implement a social media strategy

Most financial, professional services and technology companies know they need a social media presence, but they’re not always sure how to make the most of their existing investment, or how it can support their marketing goals. Carpenter Group can help you become a leader in the social space.

We know how the industry engages in social media and can introduce you to best practices for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. We’ll show you how to target your ideal social media audience base, engage them with the right content and get them to do business with you. Depending on our strategy, we may also create proprietary algorithms to maintain competitive rankings and visibility.

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a demonstrable return on your firm’s investment in social media.

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO)

We’ll help you raise your search engine rankings using the latest SEO strategies. Almost everything your company does online — the content you place on your website, how you structure it, the words you use, which social media channels you leverage — all contribute to your search engine rankings.

If your firm is like most companies in the financial services industry, you always want to rank number one on Google, Bing and other search engines. Carpenter Group can guide you through the process of deploying your SEO and digital strategies so you can earn and maintain top rankings and avoid missteps.

Once the SEO strategy is established, Carpenter Group can alert you when search engines change their SEO criteria and work with you to adjust as needed.

Optimize your search engine marketing (SEM)

Carpenter Group will work with you through the complexities of search engine marketing (SEM). Not only does your company want to earn top Google rankings, you also want to be at the top of their paid listings. And in the competitive financial services industry, that’s not an easy thing to do.

We can help guide you through the bidding process so you pay only what’s fair and sensible to be listed in Google’s paid rankings.


Optimize your digital marketing strategy

Are you ready to take your online strategy forward? Contact us today so to drive measurable results for your firm.