The Exponent

The exponent we surfaced in Saffron’s brand is especially salient: By reproducing natural learning in a computer, they designed a “brain” that’s inexhaustible and infinitely powerful — exponentially so. Saffron’s positioning, “The Only True Natural Intelligence Platform” expresses the measureable difference they deliver and, in the same statement, claims competitive territory.

To activate this positioning, Lightspeed PR managed the visibility of Saffron’s team and generated buzz through a wide variety of news media, which included business, tech and trade press. Easy-to-understand talking points and media training kept presentations on point, and storytelling was purposefully factored-in to leverage the firm’s visionary personalities. In addition to messaging, Carpenter Group developed a modern brand palette, a responsive, informational website tailored for VC due diligence and a substantive investment banking presentation.

Industry insiders soon recognized the singular achievement of Saffron. In October, 2015 Saffron Technology was acquired by Intel.