The Exponent

The campaign yielded over 8 million digital impressions with a aggregate click-through rate (CTR) of 0.31%. We took SEI’s nascent social media platform and developed a proprietary algorithm to test and optimize across sites for factors such as page views and duration, downloads, willingness to provide contact information, brand engagements and CTR. SEI’s average CTR of 0.397% on LinkedIn exceeds its benchmark average. Their average 1.405% CTR on Twitter beats site averages of 1%.

Implementing an integrated funnel-style approach and drip strategies enabled SEI to stay top-of-mind across digital channels with a high concentration of the target audiences and in contextually relevant environments. 

For SEI, strong content was the exponent. By turning robust content into a suite of engaging shareable assets, we successfully extended the reach of their thought leadership through diverse digital channels, building awareness and creating opportunities for new relationships.