The Opportunity

Our approach: tailor content for market segments into long-form and short-form tactics to create high-value engagement in key communities of professionals and firms.

We packaged “The Upside of Disruption” — the firm’s newest white paper about disruptive business and technology trends influencing the financial services community — into engaging infographics, quotes and tidbits, as well as article length excerpts. We also created a series of shorter SEI papers to facilitate easy access to relevant content and made it available through a microsite. Users could access the site directly or arrive through digital display ads, programmatic advertising and native placements. Obtaining white paper content on the microsite required users to share contact information, which provided data and lead generation opportunities. We also developed an email to drive additional traffic to the site and created a six-month social media strategy across LinkedIn and Twitter to drive engagement and build a more robust social media presence for SEI.