On September 23rd 2018, John Siracusa flew to Hilton Head, South Carolina to attend the AFT Fall Summit where he interviewed prominent members of the association.  AFT stands for the Association of financial Technology and its members span the gamut of traditional fintech service providers such as Fiserv and new ones such as Segmint.  The purpose of the event is to bring together the leaders from the financial technology ecosystem, many of which directly compete with each other.  What you won’t find there is a heated conversation, but more of a few days of brainstorming and making connections happen. What you also won’t find there are banks, the customers of the firms there, this association and it’s events are meant for service providers.  Many early- to mid- stage fintechs are looking to break into the retail banking market, well, this is the place to make it happen. Below you’ll be able to listen to the full interviews from everyone John spoke to during the event.

The Interviews:


In this interview John Siracusa chats with Rob Heiser co-founder and president at Segmint.  Segmint is a digital marketing solutions provider offering online advertising campaigns across the digital spectrum.  In this interview they chat about banks payment data, labeling it and personalizing their banking experiences from using that data.


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In this interview John Siracusa chats with Fran Duggan, co-founder and CEO at Payrailz.  Payrailz is a digital payments company offering advanced bill payment and money transfer solutions to banks and credit unions.  In this interview they chat about a very current way for bank and credit unions to look at payment solutions for their customers.  


In this interview John Siracusa chats with Terry Ammons, Partner at Porter Keadle Moore.  PKM is an a accounting and advisory firm serving public and private organizations in the financial services and technology industries.  In this interview they discuss how financial institutions and fintechs need to look at vendor management and due diligence so that they can work together effectively.  There are small tweaks fintechs can make to pass vendor due diligence and some aspect of vendor due diligence that banks can lighten up on.


In this interview John Siracusa chats with Shane Ferrell, VP, Digital Strategy at CSI.   CSI provides financial technology solutions and regulatory compliance software to banks and financial institutions.  In this interview they talk about ways for community financial institutions to stay profitable with using data they already have and how fintechs can engage and partner with them.  


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In this interview John Siracusa chats with Dr. Betty Moon, Senior Principal, Financial Services Industry Advisor at SAP.  There is so much opportunity in banking today and banks need only focus and take it.  

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AFT Leadership

In this interview John Siracusa chats with Zach Duke and Steve Duperrieu from AFT.  AFT is an industry resource for networking and professional development for those companies and executives serving U.S. financial institutions.  AFT was the the organizer of the event in which John was interviewing at.


In this interview John Siracusa chats with Julie Esser, Chief Engagement Officer at CULedger.  CULedger is a Ledger technology company serving the Credit Union industry.  In this interview they discuss useful ways for Credit Unions to deploy blockchain technology.  

Built Technologies

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In this interview John Siracusa chats with Kara Parkey, Strategic Alliance Manager at Built Technologies.  Built is an enterprise technology company that provides secure, cloud-based construction lending software.  In this episode they discuss how Built has streamlined the arduous construction loan process and how banks can benefit from the software Built has created.   

Bank Director

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n this interview John Siracusa chats with Al Dominick, CEO at DirectorCorps, Inc.  DirectorCorps, Inc is a privately-held media company. With two primary brands -- BankDirector (bankdirector.com) and FinXTech (finxtech.com).  In this interview they discuss current and future opportunities that banks should be paying attention to.


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In this interview John Siracusa chats with Derik Sutton, VP Product & Experience at Autobooks.co.  Autobooks is a fully integrated payments & accounting platform for business, delivered through online banking.

Velocity Solutions

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In this interview John Siracusa chats with Mike Triggiano, EVP at Velocity Solutions, Inc.  Velocity Solutions is a provider of revenue-driving solutions for financial institutions through account acquisition, overdraft management, increasing transactional activity and creating new, innovative revenue streams.  In this interview they discuss small business digital lending opportunities for banks.

D3 Banking

In this interview John Siracusa chats with Doug Parr, SVP, sales and marketing at D3 Banking.  D3 Banking offers a function-rich, API-driven digital banking platform for financial institutions.  


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In this interview John Siracusa chats with Marcel King, COO at Payveris.  Payveris provides an open API and unified cloud based digital payments platform for financial institutions helping them create new digital payment services for their customers.  In this interview they discuss payment opportunities for banks and Marcel’s experience as he worked at Amazon and what banks should learn from his experience.